The Journey Begins


Photo credit Carol Hancock Photography

Well actually it began about fifty years ago with a little horse-crazy girl growing up in the Blue

Mountains of Australia whose main prayer was that somehow God would get her a horse. It wasn’t until nearly thirty years later and half way around the world that her prayers would be answered beyond her wildest dreams.

This is my story of a lifelong search that has led me through life-changing adventures and soaring victories, but also heartbreaking trauma and tragedy.

Through it all the two constants remained…horses and God.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realised how much the two were intertwined and almost a mirror of each other in my life. I have lived in the comfortable, traditional boxes that people expect from religion and horsemanship (and many other things) but I found I didn’t belong there and set out on my own “road less travelled”. Along the way I have met others who have been on  similar journeys. Perhaps that is you.



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