Plate Juggling




Someone posed the question today of how I juggle plates.

Great question being that we are in the middle of two real-estate deals, moving a household and six horses interstate at the same time as finishing the final subject of a university degree.


Here is how I responded:

  • Lists! Long-term, monthly, weekly, daily, and task lists.
  • Project management – looking ahead, anticipating problems, estimating time-frames and then building in extra buffers.
  • Stay ahead of the game where possible because there are always last minute issues.
  • Plan ahead but try to live in the moment and be mindful so that I don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Do one thing at a time and don’t multitask.
  • Take down-time when I feel I am getting too frazzled BEFORE I get too far down that track.
  • Take care of myself by making sure I get enough sleep, good nutrition, relaxation and fun most days. Then the days when I can’t are exceptions, not the rule.
  • Accept that there are things I can’t control and accept that then try to find another solution or else just laugh and have a glass of wine. Or two.
  • Not take myself so seriously. Laugh at my idiocy, realise that I’m human and stop worrying about what other people think of me because the truth is that they usually aren’t!
  • Have faith that things will work out. They have so far.
  • And most importantly, DON’T OVER-SCHEDULE! Stop expecting myself to be friggin’ Wonder Woman.

How do you juggle plates?


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