A Better Question

Our honeymoon

Phew! Since my last post I have finished my bachelor’s degree and moved my household including husband, dog and six horses over 1400km to another state. That’s a fair bit for just two weeks.

So, a new start! New opportunities. New questions.

For most of my life I have been asking the Universe, “What should I do?”

How should I live, what job is best, how do I live my days?

It has been a very frustrating question all these years because I never felt like I hit the proverbial target. I was never really sure I was getting it ‘right’ (and as a perfectionist I needed to get it 100% right…like that’s possible.)

But recently a horse trainer I know was talking about focusing not so much on what the horse is doing but what he is NOT doing. So, if a horse is lazy or won’t move out, he is not giving energy so forget all the unwanted behaviours and focus solely on energy forward.

Then reward his slightest try of course.

Ask a better question.

Hmmm…so what if in life I stopped asking what to do and asked what I am NOT to do? In this new start here in Queensland, what do I not want to include in my life?

Less social media? Leave the phone inside the house.

Not saying yes to things out of guilt when it’s not something I’m passionate about?

Fewer tasks on my endless ‘to-do’ list – live a slower life (on ‘Queensland time’)?

Quit being an adult as much – be more like a kid with play and wonder?

Never taking for granted the beautiful place we have here, my gorgeous horses and, most of all, my incredible husband.

Instead of asking what I want to do with my life, first figuring out what I don’t want to do is a far better question.

What do you NOT want to do?

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