Simplifying Things

Isn’t this photo hysterical?

Paul and dallas

It is my brother-in-law, not really a horseman but he rode a bit as a kid. Old Dallas here is about a thousand years old, hasn’t been ridden in ages and one of the grandkids wanted to ride him but he was being a bit stubborn. So Paul decides to get on and “tune him up” a bit, except he was a bit heavy to mount just with the saddle. Ever the tradie, the logical thing to do (of course) was to get a ladder. And, of course, old Dallas stood like a trooper for him to get on and be reminded of his steering and all was wonderful. I mean, doesn’t everyone get on with a ladder?

So simple!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. We’re settling in here in southeast Queensland and absolutely loving it! And there seems to be a theme in our lives these days.


It’s much simpler horse-keeping here with ample pastures and paddocks, which makes the horses much happier. Us too!

The house here is old and full of character and a simple design too. Glorious hardwood floors. Much easier to keep clean and tidy.

I finally ditched my certain other brand of phone because of its over-the-top complicated security and went back to a simpler phone. Which was great because the data didn’t transfer so I had to manually enter things which made for a massive cull of no-longer-needed contacts and information. Simpler. Nice.

My horsemanship has also gone way back to a much simpler philosophy and technique too and, as a result, we’re making much greater progress. And, again, we’re all much happier too. Simpler.

Naturally, with a move, you toss out lots of extraneous stuff, old clothes, old bedding, outdated paperwork, and ancient momentos that are far better off as memories than bric-a-brac.

It’s a simpler lifestyle here. Simpler country folk, less complicated yardwork, staying home more, less TV reception (we ditched the cable networks) so that often we just sit gazing out over the paddocks with a glass of vino.

Simpler is lovely. Just lovely.

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