The Dreaded Question…


My very buxom mare, Mireya.

Someone came to visit the other day and as I was introducing them to my horses, she asked the dreaded question: “So…what do you do with them?”


THAT question.

But I can’t point fingers because I used to do the same thing; pigeon-hole riders into a specific discipline or style.

“Oh, you’re a dressage rider.”

“So you ride western, eh?”

And I still do that with people at times. “What do you DO?”

He’s an engineer/cook/daycare worker…etc, etc, etc.

Funny how we don’t ask people what they DO with their dogs or their pet fish or their Maidenhair Fern.

I used to mumble somethingorother about some eclectic/classical/natural horsemanship blend, not knowing how to explain what I do. But each time I have answered this question, I get more and more clear.

This time I said, “I just mess around and have fun. Play with a little dressage, a little working equitation, mostly just enjoy them.”

She (a mad polocross enthusiast) still looked puzzled.

“You know,” I said. “Old lady stuff.”

The lights went on, she nodded and smiled knowingly, and went happily on her way.

Now THAT I wasn’t expecting!

But it felt good to be less pressured to even explain at all. Maybe one day I’ll be relaxed enough to say something like, “I do whatever my horses and I enjoy, even if it’s nothing.”

However, I really do need to DO something with Mireya, pictured above. Something that requires burning a few of those calories off her…



One thought on “The Dreaded Question…

  1. Just had a conversation about this in another group – trail riding – how it’s looked down on or we feel guilty that this is ALL we do – but it’s what makes us happy! So as my BF says… and what the heck is wrong with that?!? ❤️


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