Jaimie – 16 March 2019

Meet Jaimie.

We really didn’t need another horse, but Jaimie came across our path and when we saw his difficult situation, we couldn’t leave him there so home he came with us. We always seem to have one rescue horse on the place anyway.

Others saw a “naughty” horse. We saw a scared and confused one.

Others saw a difficult horse that needed expert handling. We saw a horse that had been forced and never given a chance to make choices.

Others saw a horse that needed a nose chain or he’d “walk all over you”. We took the chain off and saw a horse that just wanted to be loved, listened to and understood, horse that, within minutes, had his face resting in my chest.

Western humans tend to live in a binary world; black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, us or them. It’s rarely that simple.

Like Jaimie, I think we are all just trying to do the best we can in a mixed-up world. Our reactions often come from confusion or hurt or misunderstanding.

I used to think God looked at me with binary judgement. I was either good or bad, saint or sinner, right or wrong.

But now I think he sees me as I see Jaimie; a wounded, scared, muddled person who has had a nose chain or smacks with a rope, often reacting rather than choosing. Someone who needs not so much “firm hand” but rather love and understanding and definitely rescuing.

This God makes me feel I have a safe home.

Jaimie has one now too.

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