A Powerful Thing

Here is Rumble taking responsibility for ending the lesson by confiscating my whip. Apparently it was time for his lunch.

A rider I know, let’s call her Debbie, goes through horses faster than I go through coffee.

Well ok, maybe not THAT fast…

Anyway, she buys a lovely horse but within months or sometimes weeks, the horse starts misbehaving, even becoming dangerous. So she sells it and the cycle continues.

It never occurs to her that with all of these different horses and problems, there remains one common factor: her.

Taking responsibility for myself was probably the most powerful thing I have ever done. When I stopped complaining about the things life threw at me and started owning how I handled them, things completely changed.

Reactive or proactive. Victim or victor. Powerless or powerful.

Of course sometimes, like with my horses, that means I have to swallow my be-strong-at-any-cost pride, take responsibility for my own weaknesses, and ask for help.

Kate Fenner (www.kandooequine.com) has provided horse-changing and sometimes life-changing help for me.

I’d love to suggest to Debbie that she give Kate a go but I can’t. She’s not ready to take responsibility for herself and her horsemanship.

And besides…she’s off buying another horse.

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