My Subaru

When I was selling almost everything and moving from Montana back to Australia in late 2008, I decided that when I arrived, I wanted to buy a white Subaru Outback, automatic, with grey leather seats and a sun roof. I told the Creator and left it at that.

Upon arriving, I went onto a car sales website and what was the first car that came up? You guessed it, and it was local to where I was. We arranged a meeting and I bought my white Subaru Outback, automatic, with grey leather seats and TWO sun roofs!

The move and the circumstances around it had been pretty traumatic. Ok, really traumatic. I think God wanted to show me He was watching over me through this rough time. In any case, I loved that Subaru.

I drove all over eastern Australia in that car, slept in the back at times, and had tons of fun adventures in it. It never let me down and was such a great vehicle. Lots of good memories.

Eleven years later, when we moved here to Queensland, we no longer needed two cars. The Suby was sitting in the shed, mostly unused. We started it one day and smelled something burning, looked inside and found a nest in the engine. Such a shame because we never saw our friendly little kangaroo rat again after that. Oops.

So, as part of a clean-out (and save costs too) we listed my dear little car and it went for a very low price to a couple who were doing it tough. I hope it continues to run well and gives them lots of good memories too.

As fond as I was of that car, sometimes it is time to let things go, to declutter. Holding onto old things sometimes holds us back and stops us from growing into the new. Letting go. It can be freeing.

Next time I’ll talk more about decluttering. Till then, are there things you might want to set free?

2 thoughts on “My Subaru

  1. I don’t think that was God.
    I think it was algorithms.
    You looked at that model/make at some time on line and bingo!
    The results came up.
    The algorithms are more refined today.
    For instance, today I looked at an air compressor on FB marketing, just to see what it was and how much. Within 5 minutes, I started receiving feeds on FB, eBay, and in my email for all types and sizes of compressors.
    They are quick. Quicker than Him.


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