Having some fun with my lovely hairdresser pre chemo-cut.
I think I rock it!

The tag line on my web page says, ‘Writer, horseman, believer in miracles.’

I guess I’d like a really big miracle in this next season of my life. I have been (finally) diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Found out on Daffodil Day. Now that’s just mean!


I’ve seen them. Little ones, big ones, weird ones. I’ve had more than a few in my life. Not always when I wanted them but, looking back, always when I really needed them.

Ok, so I’d like this miracle to be for cancer to completely disappear from my body. That would be nice. And maybe it can take my Crohn’s Disease with it when it goes! I believe that can happen.

But there are other miracles that maybe I need. Like perhaps to get through this with grace and dignity and peace. To finish well, however many years that is. To help other people along the way. To become even more who my Creator made me to be. To love more.

And so, this new journey begins. Miracles along the way, whatever they may be.  

Stay tuned if you dare, and feel free to share with other folks who need some miracles.

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