Laughter as Medicine

My Kalypso makes me laugh.

Thank heavens for YouTube! It provides access to unending hours of humour, all for free. I have always been far too intense; good at passion and zeal and causes and goals but not so good at laughter and lightness and fun.

The other day I was reading about a man who said he cured his cancer by laughing. He would sign onto the internet and watch funny videos for at least eight hours a day. Now I don’t know if he really cured his cancer this way but I thought it might not be a bad idea when I get too intense, worried or am just having a bad day.

Enter Whose Line Is It Anyway, Ray Stevens skits, and the best of all, The Carol Burnett Show. Especially her skit, Went With The Wind! I totally crack every time I watch that.

I think a sense of humour is fast fading in this world where divisiveness, anger, fear, and negativity are big sellers. Today’s media thrives on catastrophe and controversy. Political correctness and cultural sensitivity seem to be depriving us of the ability to laugh, especially at ourselves.

So whenever I get a bit bogged down these days, I head to my computer and fire up an episode of some funny show and before long I regain a lot more perspective on life. Lightness and laughter are, indeed, good medicine. I mean, none of us are getting out of here alive, are we? We may as well laugh a little along the way.

I wish I had discovered this many years ago. Perhaps it would have meant a lot less intensity and a lot more perspective. Maybe if I’d learned to have less stress I wouldn’t have cancer. Who knows?

Will it cure cancer? I doubt it, but at least I might die laughing. Haha, get it? Die laughing? C’mon peeps, lighten up! 🙂

One thought on “Laughter as Medicine

  1. That’s interesting about the laughter Robyn. My cousin’s wife has a laughter yoga business (which has always been slightly ‘odd’ in my mind!) and she swears by the health benefits of daily practice. Apparently your body doesn’t know the difference between feigned laughter and the real thing either, so you can ‘fake it till you make it’ as well, receiving the same health benefits! My horse and human bodyworker says laughter is a great release of emotions so I guess when we are feeling stressed or sad we should practice it more often in order to let it all go ❤️


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