The Book

Yes, I’m still here. Yes, I’ve been slack about posting. Sorry. But never fear, I have a plan to help me be on here more often and also to finish my half-written book at the same time.

But first, an update. Last time I wrote, things weren’t looking too great, but the doc is a bit happier now. Recent tests have showed that, while the chemo isn’t shrinking the cancer, it is keeping it in check which gives me more time. As my oncologist put it, I’m in an “Indian Summer”, so I should start with number one on my bucket list and work down. If I get to the end, make another list.

There aren’t too many grand things on my list, more like simple pleasures. Before cancer, writing a book was high on my bucket list and I had actually started working on it. Then cancer rudely interrupted my writing plans, and since then I have debated if it is still something I want to do. Writing takes a lot of energy and time. And what if I die before I finish it?

But then, what if I don’t?

So here’s the plan. I will be more inclined to write if people are hanging on the edges of their seats, drooling rabidly for the next chapter. Ok…well…maybe not drooling. But I’m going to start sharing chapters on here, roughly edited, and see how things go. It will encourage me to stop being so lazy and get back to my story.

The book is called, “God Rides a Horse, Doesn’t She?”, and it is the story of my life and of how, through amazing adventures, crippling illness, and time spent in three nations, my equine journey and my spiritual journey have been so often intertwined.

I hope you enjoy it, really hope that you get something out of it, and maybe it will even be in hard-copy print one day, although that would be a bonus for me.

And if you are one of those publishing companies that keeps trying to get me to give you money to publish my book, piss off! I already have a publisher.

3 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Sounds great, Robyn. My email system has been hiding your posts, so now I know where to look, I can’t wait for the next installment.


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