Corona Blog

Photo courtesy of Dianne Carr

I’m taking a break from book chapters to weigh in on the current craziness the world is dealing us. (I’m struggling with this particular chapter anyway, so a break is good.)

As if having cancer isn’t confronting enough, now with the Corona virus the reality is that if I need medical help, I may not get it, with poor health professionals possibly having to choose between people who may recover and turning away the terminally ill like me. Not that I would want to take the place of a younger person, but I can’t imagine having to make those kinds of decisions as someone who entered the health care industry to help as many people as possible. Agonising times.

However, like a diagnosis such as cancer, I believe that the virus has something to teach each of us; primarily, what really is important in life.

Are we having a meltdown because we can’t go to our usual manicure appointment or does that seem trivial in the light of staying healthy? That might tell us something.

Does the thought of having little social and being alone with ourselves terrify? Hmmm…how interesting.

Financial implications are very real for many. What ‘essential’ spending is now in the ‘non-essential’ column? Do our values need to change in the light of this new (but hopefully temporary) world?

Many of our responses are revealing our true character. The supermarket wrestling matches over toilet paper…I wonder if these people are going to feel proud of themselves about this? Perhaps they will. Like I said, character revealed.

Cancer. Although I would rather not have it, I can honestly say that it has made me a better person. It has given me an opportunity for exponential growth.

Maybe Corona virus is handing us a similar invitation.  

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