Paralysis by Analysis

I can’t take credit for the ‘Paralysis by Analysis’ phrase and I also can’t remember where I heard it either. But how true is it?

A group of wonderful women who train their own horses were talking about self-sabotage strategies that keep us from moving forward. Overthinking, or paralysis by analysis, was one of the biggest ones.

‘I don’t want to ruin my horse!’ (so I do nothing).

‘I might make a mistake’ (so I do nothing).

‘I’m not sure which thing I should do next’ (so I do nothing).

I am the queen of overthinking, which makes my failure to notice my own hypocrisy even more befuddling. If you remember, I had intended on writing each chapter of my book and putting it here on my blog. That was ages ago, before I got stuck.

You see, I was confused about which chapter should come next. Should I write in chronological order? Should I jump back and forwards? Should I write about related topics together? ARGH!!!

I wanted to get it perfect the first time around. So I did nothing.

Paralysis by analysis.

What a moron I can be at times! Here I was extolling the virtues of just doing something, ANYTHING, to get you unstuck and moving again with horsemanship, yet the thought that I was doing exactly the same thing with my writing didn’t occur to me for a month or more. Yeah, I can be a bit slow at times.

Why did I think it needed to be perfect the first time around? What an ego! Why did I think the chapters needed to be written in order? Not sure.

‘Just write the bloody chapters! You can organise them later.’

So from now on the chapters will come randomly, and they may not make complete sense in how they fit together but who cares! It will stop my paralysis by analysis and they’ll get written.

Above is my beautiful young horse, Kalypso, who I am just starting under saddle. The photo was taken this morning after his sixth ride. Sometimes I start to overthink with him, which inevitably stalls us for a time. But then I tell myself to ‘just do something’ and we are back on track again. Am I training him perfectly? Get over yourself, Robyn! But he seems to be enjoying it and we are improving every time.

So next time all of us get into paralysis by analysis, let’s get the boat moving and just do something!

Stay tuned for another chapter. Number ?

2 thoughts on “Paralysis by Analysis

  1. I enjoy your writings Robyn, in whatever order they come 😊

    I totally understand your reasons for procrastinating, I’m often guilty of doing the same, and allow my tendency towards perfectionism to win over ‘just doing’ 😕

    Keep writing… We’re reading xx


  2. Hi Robyn,

    don’t know if you remember me, you used to train me (or put up with me!! ha) at Winmalee at the gym. With all the downtime I’ve been catching up with people. Seems I missed a big part about you!! I hope you are as well as can be, and at this time.

    This blog post practically screamed at me … I’m a teacher but why I am humming and harring about home-schooling little miss at the moment? (who’s not so little anymore – 14 and taller than me!!) Why is it a big deal to get right? No-one can judge, so we should just do something, do anything.

    Look forward to keeping up with more news of you 🙂



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