Jaimie – a Happy Story

March 2019
15 months later

Some of you may remember when we brought Jaimie home to get him out of a difficult situation. He was scared, scarred, skinny, wormy and a bit of a mess. See top photo.

What a difference a year makes. Good nutrition, good fences, dental and vet care, a stable environment, and lots and lots of love. He still gets the itch and still has some scars and he will probably never be sound enough of either mind or body to do much but we don’t care. Jaimie is a beautiful soul.

Is our worth in what we can do? I have struggled with this all my life, still do. It’s very prevalent in the Western world. We consider ourselves, and sometimes others, to be more valuable the more money/achievements/beauty/service/morality/performance/skin colour/race/insert anything you want here, that we have.

Is Jaimie less valuable than my other more capable horses? Monetarily yes, but are there values other than money? Are those values more important? What are they?

Am I less valuable than anyone else?

Are you?

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