There seems to be so little of it in these crazy times that are 2020, especially if you listen to the journalists or social media. But I disagree, because I believe that hope is a choice.

The little guy in the photo above is proof of that. Meet G Atrevido. Born in a textbook perfect birth at 4:15 am on the 27th October, a healthy black Spanish Andalusian colt. My dream has been to breed a black colt and here he is, the first time around. (He probably won’t stay black but I don’t care, he was black at birth.)

He almost didn’t happen, however. When I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer last August I tossed up whether to pursue my dreams of breeding my four mares because there was significant doubt as to whether I would be alive to see the foals. But I chose hope.

Fourteen months later I’m still here, quite healthy at the moment, and cherishing every moment with this little guy. Atrevido means daring, bold, intrepid in Spanish, and he certainly is. And I have three more foals on the way.

Yes, this world is crazy at the moment. Your life might seem even crazier or desperate or hopeless than that. But, as I said, I believe that hope is a choice.

You may not have much but you always have the ability to choose what you believe in. Even hope for feisty black colts.

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Wonderful! It’s a bold thing to breed — I know; my line dates back to the purchase of my foundation mare, Fanta, as a yearling, in 1980. And I got bold again this dubious 2020 year. I bred my half-Shire/half-Fanta mare, Fae, for two heat cycles to a well-behaved Fox Trotter. Preg tested on Monday 11/2, your Hope’s B-Day, — she’s IN FOAL :)) Due 9/21/21 :)) I look at all the bold risks I’ve taken with my horses, breedings that either produced awesome progeny, or not . . . And it’s worth the risk. Worth rooting for Hope! Best to you and your herd!!!! Dawn


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