Wandering through the beautiful Buderim gardens today while waiting for my chemo time, I came across this beautiful single flower. The bush it was on was scraggly and rather ugly but this pink gem graced the end of it.

It reminded me of a great gift I was recently given.

My cancer nurse calls me regularly to see how I’m doing. She is such a gorgeous lady and she really cares. On this particular day I was having a bit of a down day, which is OK, except that I’m a perfectionist and expect that I should handle everything perfectly.

All the time. Every day. In every circumstance. No excuses. Perfection.

I would never hold anyone else to that standard, only myself, and because I was not chipper and chirpy that particular day then I was obviously a complete failure.

Sounds familiar? I bet it does.

This lovely, wise lady reminded me of everything I’ve already come through, endured, survived. And that’s a whole lot.

It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t always done with finesse or style or even grace; what matters is that I made it through. And I’ll continue to make it through until there’s nothing more.

The bush might be scraggly and ugly but the flower on the end is what matters and what is beautiful.

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