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God Rides a Horse, Doesn’t She?

Inspiring, thought-provoking, and certainly controversial, this is a story of broken bones and broken hearts, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

First ride

It leads the reader from Robyn’s horse-crazy and dysfunctional childhood, through dramatic adventures in America,  professional success, her battle with mental illness and how she finally made peace with her troubled past.

Through it all, two constants remained: her horses and her God. It is the relationship with each of these that held both the utmost torment and the ultimate triumph.

Experienced in traditional equestrian training methods, Robyn’s felt that it emphasised force and performance over free will and relationship and embarked on a journey  beyond the confines of conventional horsemanship.

Likewise, after many years in what she now calls “churchianity”, Robyn felt trapped in  conformity and accomplishment. Despite fierce opposition and betrayal, she abandoned religious boxes and set out to find grace, relationship and peace.

God Rides a Horse, Doesn’t She? will captivate and provoke anyone who suspects that the answers to life may lie somewhere beyond the norm.

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